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I made it to the future!!

So I am pretty stoked TBH, I made it to the future where streaming rules the land and Spotify is the courageous leader set to take us all to a higher plain of existence. I finally sorted out my artist page and got the Poltergeist EP (get it below) on there and I gotta say it feels pretty groovy!


After spending hours exploring all the music and seeing all the cool music my friends are making I decided to go ahead and make a playlist featuring all their marvellous works, you can get that below! 

Anyways, just a short little bit from me today, I hope everyone out there is doing swell! If you got music on Spotify, get at me so I can hear ya..

Stay safe and have fun! <3

Howdy partner!

Welcome friends! It is an absolute pleasure to have you here on my website, you da real MVP!

So it has been about 3 years since I last had a website and I am glad to be back on the train. Things you can expect to see and find on this website and blog:

  1. My music and relevant videos - music clips and highlights etc.
  2. Music I'm feeling - albums, videos etc that I am enjoying from near and abroad.
  3. Merchandise - you can grab my gear fo sho!
  4. Opinions - yeah I'm just gonna talk my shit about the world I live in and the way I see it going down.

That's all I'm gonna say for now partners, thanks again for stopping by because I really really fuck with your decision to give me your attention even for this brief time. Ya'll have a lovely time out there and if I don't see you.. Good Afternoon, Good Evening and Good Night!

Love Sav xo