Hi I'm Sav

I'm trying to become my own best friend.

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About me.

I'm a rapper with 12+ years in the game. I have released 5 projects, 20+ singles and countless music videos as well as playing close to 100 shows in that time. Over the last 3 years I have spent time podcasting and creating content as I strive to unpack my learnings and crystallise my world view. My mission is to spread the insights I gain through my own personal journey of becoming a better friend to myself.


3 ways to go deeper:



This gratitude journal is something I personally designed after 3+ years of a daily gratitude practice and something I really believe in.

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All of my insights, explorations and explanations of my thoughts, feelings and curiosities to being a rapper and content creator.

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I am a rapper first and foremost - an artist and wordsmith, it is what I love most. Find all of my music on Spotify - dig in!

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